You will find a cancellation link on the same e-mail message that confirmed your booking. Please click on that link as soon as you decide you will not visit us, so other people can take your seat. If you can’t find that message, or you only need to change the date or name of your booking, please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

Cancellation and date change policy

  • If you request it with a 24 hours notice (or earlier) before your booking, we will offer you an alternative date, or offer a full refund.
  • If you request with less than a 24 hours notice before your booking: we cannot guarantee any compensation.

Should I cancel because of bad weather?

It depends. In case of force majeure (extreme wind or rain), probably you should. But we recommend that you keep your booking in other cases. Very cloudy nights are unusual in Temisas, but even then we are able to offer a unique experience that may include:
  • Guided visit to work areas
  • Guided visit to our exhibition hall
  • Usage of antique instruments
  • Extended talk on curiosities and topics of your interest
  • Telescope workshop
  • Demonstrations of free astronomical sofware for beginners.
And other resources suitable for the audience.
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Fundación Canaria Observatorio de Temisas

IBAN: ES82 2100 5972 8302 0006 2253

Concept: please state name, number of people and date

Please send bank slip copy to after payment, and show a hard copy to our guide.


Fundación Canaria Observatorio de Temisas

IBAN: ES82 2100 5972 8302 0006 2253

Concepto: indique nombre, nº de personas, y fecha

Envío de justificante: por favor, envíe copia a después del pago, y preséntelo en papel al monitor.